Flawed Research Attacks Australian Men

A recent report entitled Identifying and understanding child sexual offending behaviours and attitudes among Australian men commissioned by the university of nsw, has painted a bleak picture suggesting that a massive 4% of australian men want to have sex with children!

The problem with this research is its definition of ”children” as being under 18 where in most states anyone can legally have sex with anyone 16 or over. So in response to the question if their were no consequence’s would you have sex with some one 16,17,18 4% of middle aged men answered yes! This was then interpreted by the report as men wanting to have sex with children.

The report admits this flaw in their methodology but suggests its ok because most of the respondents were over 24 and many middle aged. So the authors assume that any man wanting to lawfully engage in sexual contact with some one over 16 as they are legally entitled is a phaedophile. An older man is some kind of predator because he enjoys being with young women.

It is fairly clear that this report is tainted with modern feminist thought, men should be forced to kneel at the feet of women in their thirties, not enjoy the company of young women. Older women despise young women because they get all the attention of older men. It’s just plain jealousy pure and simple.

Comedian Wendy Harmer tweeted based on the report perhaps the media should stop showing half naked girls at schoolies. These girl are either 17 or 18 and according to the law sexualised adults. Showing them as such is consistent with the law of the land.

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