Prince Andrew Named in Underage Sex Claims

It seems the reputation of the royal family has just taken another dive with allegations surfacing in a US court this week that Prince Andrew engaged in orgies with an underage sex slave. FILE - This Monday, March 7, 2011 photo from files shows Britain's Prince Andrew, arriving in Canary Wharf, to visit the hea...

The woman who can only be identified as “Jane Doe” alleges she was kept as a sex slave between 1999 and 2000 and forced to engage in relations with the prince at the behest of his friend Jeffrey Epstein – Epstein is a convicted pedophile.

Whilst Prince Andrew is entitled to his day in court I wonder whether this matter will be as ruthlessly pursued and investigated as Operation Yewtree in which for example Rolf Harris succumbed to convictions.

The Royal family have for many years been oblivious of the law of the land in their own England, with a long history of scandals and wrongdoing being hushed up, only to be later revealed years later by honest journalists.



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  • An Update: Now soft porn actress Koo Stark has come out saying her Andrew is a nice guy and she just feels in her water that these accusations must be false. I am betting the palace was hoping she would actually stay completely quiet during these troubling times! A few weeks ago the palace broke protocol and denied everything which, if your cynical like me, is a sure sign it is completely true. I suspect a big be quiet pay out is being bandied about as we speak, funded no doubt by the British taxpayers.

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