Contraception for Unemployed People

Reaching new lows, ratbag ex-labor Minister Gary Johns has suggested that people on unemployment benefit should be forced to use contraception to prevent them from breeding children which would also then need to be supported by the state. Why doesn’t he just say what he means and suggest sterilization, I mean lots of logical arguments justified it for the nazi’s?!Repugnant ... Gary Johns believes there should be no ‘taxpayer inducement’ to have childr

This follows on from similar rumblings from the Abbott government that the unemployed might be forced to undergo compulsory drug tests to continue receiving payment.

It seems anything is ok when it comes to this Open Season on unemployed people, who through no fault of their own are out of work.

The Government it seems has callous disregard for the unemployed and are quite happy to continue to bash them to divert attention away from the real bludgers in Australian Society: Corporations that pay 1% tax and self-funded millionaire “retirees” who pay no tax.

It is no coincidence that these are primarily Liberal National Party supporters and voters. Whereas very few unemployed people would have been insane enough to have actually voted for this current government who uses them as whipping boys for their mistakes.

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